Principal characteristics of the Sav Zigzag ORDBMS

1. High performance
Speed of data processing is the main criteria determining future of any DBMS. This is a cause of the RDBMS survivability and their advantages above ODBMS. The Sav Zigzag belongs to the category of ORDBMS which does not concede the RDBMS on the speed in processing of tabulated data. In addition, Sav Zigzag possesses enormous speed at processing the hierarchically-connected data in view of the attribute inheritance.

2. Mobility and compactness
The Sav Zigzag ORDBMS, namely a core and the program interface (API), demands only 500KB of the disk space. The system is completely implemented in Java and can be easily transferred on PDA and smartphones.

3. Expressive language
Language of data manipulation is Zigzag, actually language of object-relational algebra. Even SQL, in comparison with Zigzag, looks bulky enough. In distinction to SQL, Zigzag works not only with tabular data but with hierarchical data as well. Developers of Zigzag have concentrated the basic attention to highly effective realization of data operations directly related with DBMS: search, navigation, and modification. Zigzag gets full power only in a combination with Java. The reference to Zigzag from Java is carried out through the API interface.

4. Dynamic data
The data dynamism in Sav Zigzag ORDBMS is understood as the automatic integrity control and flexible structure. At creation of a database, it is not required to define types of data in advance. Actually the structure of data can be formed at their input. In this sense Zigzag language has some similarity with XML. By means of Zigzag it is possible to form both simple tabular and hierarchical dependences on the basis of two connection types "class" and "relation". Zigzag allows not only to define data, but also to manipulate them. In Zigzag the relations are considered only as derivative of the classes. At change or removal of a class instance, corresponding instances in all the relations (tables in terms of SQL) are changed or removed.