Smansi: Simple start of interaction

Smansi, is the interactive interpreter working in the environment of Android and supporting dialogue with a database on Smans language. Smans is not a natural language. Users should know at least XPath. However, this XPath-like language is used both for inquiries and for updating. Database structure is so much flexible that it is better for using as a notebook or editable references, not just as a set of simple tables.

Following is a simple example describing typical Smansi interaction using Smans language.
User declares current database (main.sdb) where he wants enter data in:
$base main= ;
He enters into device a new record:
meeting#[person'bob',time'1PM',day'march 11']= ;
Then to find all the meetings on 11 he makes a query:
$x:=meet%[day='march 11'] ;
Now, the $x variable keeps all the meetings on March 11. To see only persons, user types query like this:
$x/person ;
He marks the found $x records as important (by 'remember') and changes date by few statements:
$x[mark:'remember',day'march 12',]= ; -- adds mark and new day
$x[day'march 11']!= ; -- removes old day 

To see result, user prints correspondent table for all $x meetings:
pt($x) ; -- prints table
Another day. He prints all that marked by 'remember' in other, more suitable than table view:
pr(*'remember'/*) ; -- prints relation