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Class-Relational Approach to Tabular and XML Data Representation

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Sav Zigzag 8.2
Sav ZBase 8.2

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Sav Zigzag 8.2 (475K)
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Smans Database 2.0
Smans Database (SmansDB) is a light class-relational open-source DBMS running on Android mobile devices and any PC. Smans Database is a Java library supporting interface (API) with database in Java/Smans language. Smans language is XPath compatible and allows both querying and editing tabular data through the XPath notation. Interdependent Smans data are represented through the ordinal simple tables and more complex tables with hierarchical columns.
Download SmansDB. It includes jar library, documentation, source code, Windows UI environment, and additionally Smansi Android UI environment.

Smans Data Server 1.9
Smans Data Server (SmansDS) is a Web-based mobile CMS (Content Management System) and a tool for development of a dynamic database-driven site. Smans server supports multi-user mobile hosting for users of cell phone and PDA. Web developer can create a simple database interface only by means of managing HTML form (knowledge of SQL and languages like PHP/JSP is not required). Other server feature is automatic generation of user dialogue on the basis of the current database structure and contents. The current version of Smans server is based on the Sav Zigzag ORDBMS, but core of next versions will be Smans Database DBMS.

Sav Zigzag, Current Realizations - 8.2
1. ORDBMS Sav Zigzag 8.2 (old name Sav ZAPI);
2. Desktop ORDBMS Sav ZBase 8.2;
Principal characteristics of the Sav Zigzag: 1.high performance, 2.mobility and compactness, 3.expressive language, 4.dynamic data. Starting with the 7.0 version, Sav Zigzag core is most optimized. To test Sav Zigzag possibilities in online, visit the multi-user data server, Smans.

Download Sav ZigzagSav Zigzag is a mobile object relational DBMS (ORDBMS) supporting Zigzag language, more expressive than SQL and XQuery. It represents a Java library or API interface, old versions of which were distributed with name Sav ZAPI. This interface forms a new powerful "Java/Zigzag" language, for development of the high-performance database applications. Zigzag algebraic expressions enable lightly to process not only tabular data but also hierarchic, for example XML with its dynamic and multi-level structure. DBMS Sav Zigzag may be installed on PC, PDA and even on the mobile phone (smartphone, commutator).

Download Sav ZBaseSav ZBase is a desktop ORDBMS. Actually, it adds to the Sav Zigzag a graphical interface for debugging and interpretation of scripts on the Zigzag language. The some peculiarities of Zigzag database: many-valued data, multi-level classification, dynamic structure, automatic data integrity control, and class inheritance. Product consists of the next tools:
1. ZInterpreter. A tool of database development on the Zigzag language.
2. ZNavigator. Generates the virtual tables via attribute names and values of the current database.

Sav ZServerSav ZServer is a Web-based ORDBMS server. It supports the Web interface for the work with DB in multi-user regime. Server provides navigation in a database via Web browser. Database object may be a Web resource (HTML document, image, video clip, program). Web database developer can design only client HTML-form interface, remote database (its schema and contents) may be produced automatically

Sav Associative Processor - Java API
A Java class library that provides developers with a low-level Java API and can be high-efficiency core of a data access system related with dictionary, data/knowledge base, or speech/pattern recognition.
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